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Juujika no Rokunin Chapter 145: Secrets and Deals

Part 1: Oota’s Discovery

In this chapter, we’re about to uncover some exciting secrets!

Oota’s Clue: Oota, one of the main characters, has found something intriguing. A girl named Kaname Shirakawa, who was tragically murdered in the gym six years ago, looks just like another girl who went missing two years ago. This discovery has left readers curious about how Oota will uncover Kaname Shirakawa’s hidden secret.

Shun’s Old Friend: Shun, another character, received a call from his old friend, Jun. In the past, Jun was manipulated against Shun by someone named Shigoku. However, they now share a common enemy. Jun offered Shun a deal to help him seek revenge, but Shun was wary, thinking it might be a trap. He discussed this with his friends, Mimi and Kitami.

Shun’s Distrust: Shun explained that six years ago, he was falsely arrested, and Shigoku and his gang got away without a trace. Jun was involved in this plot, and Shun believes the Jun he knew back then is no longer the same person. He finds it hard to trust him.

Mimi’s Tracker: Mimi, one of Shun’s friends, revealed that she planted a GPS tracker on Jun to monitor his activities over the next two weeks. This move was to ensure they could keep an eye on him.

The Release Date: Exciting news! Chapter 145 of Juujika no Rokunin is expected to be released on Thursday, September 21, 2023, at 8:00 PM JST.

Part 2: Investigation and Suspicion

In this part, we dive deeper into the mystery.

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A Hollywood-Like Situation: Kitami comments that their situation feels like a Hollywood movie, which doesn’t sit well with Mimi, who gets upset. However, Kitami apologizes for her comment.

Kaname’s Arrival: Shun recalls that Kaname recently visited their office and seemed different from before, raising suspicions. However, he can’t quite figure out what’s going on.

Anzai’s List: Anzai provides Oota with a list of people who have gone missing in the past two years, along with the investigations into their cases. They plan to use this information to identify those who may be connected to Juujika.

Oota’s Dedication: Oota is motivated to do her job quickly, knowing that Juujika’s targets are usually bad people. She decides to start by looking into individuals with bad reputations.

Part 3: The Mysterious Tracker

In this part, Shun and his friends confront a puzzling situation.

Tracker’s Movement: Shun, Kitami, and Mimi notice that Jun has detected their GPS tracker, as it had been moving for the first three days. However, it suddenly stops at a particular location, raising suspicions.

Clue or Technical Issue: Mimi suggests that the tracker might have stopped due to technical reasons, but Shun wonders if it could be a clue. He decides to investigate the location himself.

That’s the exciting summary of Chapter 145 of Juujika no Rokunin. Stay tuned for its release on September 21, 2023!

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