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Just Twilight Chapter 10 :

Just Twilight Chapter 10 is on its way! Yoon Jun Young, a Korean high school student, is working hard to change her life. She’s living in a place where people don’t dream big, and she faces bullying at school. But her goal is clear: she wants to study and get into Seoul University.

Yoon Jun Young’s Escape

Life isn’t easy for Yoon Jun Young. Bullies at school make her life tough, and studying at home is no better. One day, she runs away from home and discovers an abandoned house in the woods. It’s a small, clean place with a perfect desk for studying.

(Credits: Naver Webtoons)

A Surprise Encounter

Just when Yoon Jun Young starts to feel at peace, a big man appears at the door. She’s scared; it’s night, and she’s in the middle of the forest. The man is none other than Kwon Beom Jin, the infamous high school gangster.

A Surprising Friendship

Over time, Yoon Jun Young and Kwon Beom Jin become close. She needs a good place to study, and he needs a place to stay. They start opening up to each other, forming an unexpected friendship.

About Just Twilight

Just Twilight is a Korean webcomic written by Woo Jihye and drawn by Kangki. It falls into the Drama, Josei, Romance, and School Life genres. The series began in 2023 and is published by Jaedam Lezhin. It’s featured in Lehzin Webtoons magazine and isn’t available in English yet.

What Happened in Chapter 9?

In the previous chapter, Yoon Jun Young was asked by her teacher to get an apology letter from Kwon Beom Jin, who had been absent from class for many days. Since she had started getting closer to him, she thought it was a good idea. However, Kwon Beom Jin pushed her away and ignored her.

Release Date for Chapter 10

Now, let’s look forward to Just Twilight Chapter 10! It’s expected to be released on Sunday, September 23, 2023.

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