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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 240:

▪ Takako Uro is trying to escape from Kenjaku.
▪ Kenjaku brought them back to life after keeping them as cursed objects for a long time, but now he’s trying to take their lives once more.
▪ Kenjaku says he’ll be friends with Takako, but there are some rules they have to follow to be his friend.

the story took an unexpected turn. We were all excited to see Yuji and Higuruma face off against Sukuna, but the author decided to change the direction of the story. This has left fans eager to know when the next Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 240 will be released.

Even though the last chapter seemed sad, it’s still amazing. First, we’re going to review the previous chapter to make sure everyone understands the main story.

(Credits: Gege, Color: @itzzazure)

In the last chapter, a girl named Takako Uro is running away from someone. We learn that this is happening in Iwate Prefecture, Lake Gosho Colony.

As she runs, she wonders why “he” is so desperate, as the Culling Game hasn’t finished yet. She also mentions that the rules of the game, which have made everyone kill each other, might be the work of awakened sorcerers who are against murder.

She questions if the game is progressing too slowly with these rules and if that’s why “he” sent troops to the colony. We find out that “he” is Kenjaku, who kept people alive as cursed objects for years, only to take their lives again. It’s a harsh situation, but there’s a chance for survival.

Takako gets trapped by a jellyfish curse, and Kenjaku appears. He thinks it’s a waste that she’s there.

Takako asks Kenjaku how he knows the location of all the players. He explains that he used curse objects and seals on the incarnated and awakened sorcerers, making it easy to trace them.

(Credits: Gege, Color: @itzzazure)

He also says that even if he hadn’t made them stay in the colonies, there was no reason to leave, as they would be hunted down or have to adapt to society.

Iori Hazenoki arrives and says that she died a long time ago, wondering why Kenjaku talks to himself so much. Kenjaku blames it on his friends.

Kenjaku asks Iori if he wants to be his friend, but Iori says he heard some strange rumors. After some back and forth, Iori agrees to be his friend, and Kenjaku sets some requirements, saying his friend can’t be boring.

The next Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 240 is set to be released on Sunday, October 29, 2023.

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