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Jinx Chapter 36 Preview: New Arc Already?


▪ Just two new characters are introduced as threats to the status quo and then shipped together with each other.

▪ We don’t currently know who the leaker in this scandal but this won’t be dragged on for too long.

The Competition for Jaekyung Takes a Turn
In the story, there’s a new twist as the supposed competition for Jaekyung has switched sides and is now with someone named Potato. Don’t worry, Potato is not a vegetable or a phone; it’s a character from the series introduced a few chapters before Chapter 36.

Jinx (Credits: Lezhin)

Potato and Heesung, the K-Pop Celebrity, turned out to be short-lived characters. However, they’ll play a role in upcoming chapters, but their relationship will be explored later, after Kim Dan and Jaekyung’s story unfolds.

Kim Dan and Jaekyung’s Relationship
Kim Dan and Jaekyung’s relationship continues to be like a tug of war, especially in the recent chapter. Jaekyung is not very honest, especially with himself, and he rarely shows his emotions. His drive to succeed makes it hard for him to open up. Although Kim Dan has made him a bit more open, it’s still a small change.

Overview of the Story so Far
The story up to Chapter 36 can be split into two parts: the main arc and side stories. The main arc focused on Kim Dan being in a tough situation, and Jaekyung taking advantage of it.

Jaekyung saw Kim Dan as someone he could exploit, mainly because of Kim Dan’s financial troubles. Kim Dan was in debt to Jaekyung, not legally, but because of his character. He’s used to being taken advantage of, even by Jaekyung, who treats him poorly.

However, over time, Kim Dan has shown that he can stand up for himself, but usually only in extreme situations. He’s been changing a little.

What to Expect in Chapter 36
In Chapter 36, there will be a scandal as news of Jaekyung’s injury spreads. The recent chapters have been calm, but now some drama is on the horizon. Two new characters have been introduced as potential threats to the main characters.

Jinx (Credits: Lezhin)

While some fans might be disappointed that Heesung didn’t end up with Kim Dan, it’s a common theme in romance stories that the main characters end up together. The focus will remain on Kim Dan and Jaekyung.

The story will explore how this scandal affects their relationship. We don’t know who leaked the information, but it’s unlikely to be a prolonged mystery. The series is good at resolving issues quickly and creating character drama.

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