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Jinsoo and Dowon’s Sweet Moments in Look a Picture Chapter 31

In the manga series Look a Picture, we’re in for a treat in the next chapter. Fans can soon dive into the latest chapter featuring Jisoo and Dowon studying together at her grandma’s house. Not only that, but they share a fun and heartwarming conversation.

The Story of Look a Picture

Look a Picture is a lovely romance manga created by Hyojung, and it revolves around Jisoo’s dreams. Ever since she was little, Jisoo has always dreamt of becoming a fairy tale illustrator.

(Credits: Naver)

To chase her dreams, she left school and went to her grandmother’s place, where she met Dowon. As the story unfolds, Jisoo and Dowon become close friends and support each other on their journeys.

Sweet Moments in the Previous Chapter

In the previous chapter, we saw Dowon comforting Jisoo even though he hadn’t done anything to upset her. They had a little chat, and eventually, Jisoo stopped crying. Dowon even asked if she had eaten, and he went ahead to prepare something for her in the kitchen.

What to Expect in the Upcoming Chapter

In the upcoming chapter, we can expect more delightful moments between Jisoo and Dowon. Are you eagerly waiting for the next chapter of Look a Picture? Don’t worry; we’ll provide you with the release date, a recap, some spoilers, and where you can read it.

Chapter 30 Recap

(Credits: Naver)

In the previous chapter, we witnessed Jinsoo and Dowon’s touching interaction. Dowon comforted Jisoo, even though he wasn’t the cause of her distress. After a while, her tears stopped, but she felt embarrassed.

Dowon kindly asked if she had eaten, and in the next scene, we saw him in the kitchen, preparing a meal for Jinsoo. To her surprise, he was quite skilled at cooking, which left her impressed. When she expressed her amazement, he humbly brushed it off, assuring her that the food would be good and safe to eat.

However, his teasing comment made Jinsoo a bit worried about the taste, but he quickly reassured her that he was just kidding. The chemistry between them was undeniable, and it was easy to fall in love with their connection.

Later, Dowon shared his secret talent for cooking, revealing that he used to cook for himself regularly as a child when his auntie wasn’t home. The dish he was preparing for Jinsoo was Vegetable Porridge.

Dowon suggested that Jinsoo relax while he cooked, and she praised the delicious meal he made. She was cautioned to eat slowly to avoid upsetting her stomach. Dowon then offered to take his dog, Gamja, for a walk after their meal, but Jinsoo hesitated, not wanting to trouble him further.

Dowon playfully reminded her of her earlier dizziness, but Jinsoo eventually agreed to take Gamja on walks when Dowon was away. She thought he might get upset if she stopped suddenly. Dowon suggested she not feel lonely and assured her that she could call him anytime since they were neighbors.

In the next scene, Jinsoo’s friend inquired about her well-being, and she mentioned that she had a slight fever but was feeling better after resting.

Jinsoo left her friend behind and went straight to Dowon, noticing him in the crowd. The chapter concluded with Jinsoo and Dowon studying together at her grandmother’s house.

Chapter 31 Spoilers

In the upcoming Chapter 31, we can expect some interesting developments. It seems that something unusual is happening with Dowon as he appears to be neglecting his studies for Jinsoo. Jinsoo believes her wish might have come true, and we’ll see how their relationship continues to evolve.

Chapter 31 Release Date

Exciting news for fans! Look a Picture Chapter 31 is set to be released on October 9, 2023. Mark your calendars!

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