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Jaya Verma Sinha is the first woman CEO of 166-year-old Railway Board

The Indian government has chosen Jaya Verma Sinha as the new boss and CEO of the Railway Board. This is a big deal because she’s the very first woman to lead the Railway Board in its 166-year existence.

The Railway Board is the most important group in charge of making decisions for Indian Railways. In her new job, Sinha will be in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly for both the transportation of goods and passengers.

Before becoming CEO, she worked as an Additional Member of Traffic Transportation on the Railway Board.

Sinha started working with Indian Railways in 1988 when she joined as an Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS) officer. Throughout her 35-year career, she has done many different jobs, including operations, information technology, commercial work, and keeping an eye on things to make sure everything is done correctly.

She has also been the main chief commercial manager for Northern Railway and the manager of Sealdah Division.

While she was working as the Railway Advisor at the High Commission of India in Dhaka, Bangladesh, she helped start the Maitri Express service between Kolkata and Dhaka.

She also made history as the first woman to be chosen as the Principal Chief Operations Manager of South Eastern Railway.

Jaya Verma Sinha graduated from Allahabad University in 1988 and has been a part of the Indian Railways ever since.

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