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Jawan Ending Explained: Yet Another Predictable High-Budget Action-Thriller

Shah Rukh Khan’s Exciting New Movie Poster

Shah Rukh Khan’s latest action-packed thriller movie has thrilled his fans once again. This actor has shown that he is still super popular, and his fans love him a lot. His new action movie, “Jawan,” is already a big hit. Keep reading to find out what the movie is about.

(Credits: Red Chillies Ent.)

A Special Movie

This movie is produced by Gauri Khan and Gaurav Verma. It’s special because it’s one of the first Hindi movies directed by Atlee Kumar, who is famous for his Tamil films. If you thought Shah Rukh Khan was done with action after “Pathaan,” you were wrong. This movie takes action to a whole new level.

A Big Success

The movie hasn’t been out for long, but it’s already the second most successful movie of the year and the ninth highest-grossing Bollywood movie ever. Besides Shah Rukh Khan, the film stars Vijay Sethupati, Nayanthara, Priyamani, Sanya Malhotra, Sunil Grover, and many others.

A Surprise Appearance

Even Deepika Padukone, who acted in “Pathaan,” makes a cameo appearance in the movie as Captain Vikram Rathore’s wife.

(Credits: Red Chillies Ent.)

What’s “Jawan” About?

The movie tells the story of a man who wants to fix a country filled with corruption. It’s packed with exciting action scenes and is about a man’s journey to seek revenge and make society better.

Explaining the Ending

The movie begins with a scene where a jailor named Azad and a group of prisoners hijack a metro train in Mumbai. They want the government to pay them a lot of money to release the hostages.

A rich arms dealer named Kalee, whose daughter is on the train, decides to help pay the ransom. But things take a surprising turn when Azad reveals he plans to use the money to help struggling farmers instead of keeping it for himself.

Azad transfers the money to the farmers and escapes, but not before revealing his real name, Vikram Rathore, to Kalee.

(Credits: Red Chillies Ent.)

The Next Mission

The movie continues with Azad marrying Narmada, a National Security Guard officer. Azad’s next mission is to force the health minister to improve government hospitals. He wants to make sure everyone in the country has access to good healthcare.

Azad’s Past

Narmada discovers Azad’s true identity, and they get attacked by Kalee’s men. But a lookalike of Azad saves them. Narmada goes undercover to learn more about Azad’s past.

Flashback to 1986

We learn about Captain Vikram Rathore’s past when he was in the army. He was on a mission to stop terrorists responsible for the death of Indian soldiers. Vikram’s life took a tragic turn when Kalee attacked him and his wife Aishwarya, who was wrongly accused of killing policemen working for Kalee.

Aishwarya gave birth to their son Azad in prison and shared a message with him to seek justice for his father and help others in need.

Back in the Present

It turns out Vikram survived and lost his memory while living with a tribal group in northeast India. Narmada decides to help Azad, and they go on another mission.

The Final Mission & Ending

Their last mission is to stop Kalee from using money for his political campaign. Azad wants the government to shut down polluting factories in exchange for the voting machines. A big fight ensues between Azad, Vikram, and Kalee.

(Credits: Red Chillies Ent.)

Vikram regains his memory, and they defeat Kalee. Afterward, a special task officer named Madhavan Nayak joins Azad for his next mission, targeting Swiss banks.

Our Thoughts

The movie’s plot isn’t very unique, and the characters follow a common theme of fighting for justice. What makes the movie stand out is Shah Rukh Khan’s popularity. Without him, the script and budget might not be as impressive.

The movie has well-choreographed fight scenes and excellent cinematography. However, the plot becomes predictable and cheesy, relying heavily on Khan’s fame. The concept of kidnapping people to make demands for the country is overused in the movie.

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