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“Isshiki San’s Wants to Know About Love : Chapter 30

Are you a fan of the manga “Isshiki San Wants to Know About Love”? Well, get ready because Chapter 30 is on its way next week! This manga is all about love, comedy, and some funny moments, and it’s created by Araragi Ayune, who has a unique style.

The story follows a young woman who hasn’t had much experience with romance. She decides to pretend to be in a relationship, and that leads to lots of cute and hilarious situations. Inspector Rinna, who is known for being dedicated and sincere, faces some unexpected challenges at work, especially because of a colleague named Meishi. Their interactions are quite distracting, and readers are eager to see how their relationship unfolds.

 (Credits: Comic Walker)

Release Date for Chapter 30
If you’re excited about the next chapter, mark your calendar for September 20, 2023, because that’s when Chapter 30 of “Isshiki San Wants to Know About Love” will be released.

Recap of Chapter 29
In the last chapter, we saw some interesting developments in the relationship between Isshiki San and Rokutanga. Love and vulnerability were explored as Isshiki San received a mysterious request. Rokutanga, who seemed connected to the client, asked Isshiki San to wait, which made her curious and a bit nervous.

As they talked, it became clear that Isshiki San was acting differently because of their close bond. The conversation took an unexpected turn when rumors about Rokutanga’s love life started circulating after he met someone in the restroom. This added humor to the story and highlighted the complex connection between the two main characters.

A Surprising Turn of Events
Despite their strained relationship, Rokutanga has always been a source of comfort for Isshiki San. She wanted to ask him about love, and he seemed willing to help. However, things took a surprising turn when Isshiki San admitted that she wanted a romantic relationship with Rokutanga.

 (Credits: Comic Walker)

This revelation marked a significant moment in their relationship, as both characters started to become aware of their feelings for each other. Although Isshiki San didn’t fully express her love yet, readers are eager to see how their relationship progresses.

In Chapter 29, the main characters found a humorous and passionate way to deal with their conflicting emotions, setting the stage for a deeper exploration of love and romance in the upcoming chapters.

So, get ready for Chapter 30 of “Isshiki San Wants to Know About Love” and see where this unique love story takes our characters next!

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