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Isekai Ojisan Chapter 51

In the previous chapter of “Isekai Ojisan,” Uncle experiences a remarkable transformation. It all starts with an unexpected nosebleed, leading to a series of events that bring back an 18-year-old memory.

Uncle had completely forgotten about Sega leaving the video game market, including their final system, the Dreamcast. But now, he’s on a quest to recover those lost memories, and he apologizes to Takafumi for missing out on the years that have passed.

In Chapter 51, Uncle rediscovers his love for the Dreamcast, Sega’s last home gaming system. With Takafumi’s help, he learns about downloadable games and longs to play the Dreamcast exclusive, Sonic Adventure. It’s a big change for Uncle, who has never used physical game discs before. Let’s find out when Chapter 51 of Isekai Ojisan will be released and where you can read it.

(Credits: Comic Walker)

Recap of Chapter 50:
Chapter 50 takes us on a 40-year leap in time. Uncle is young at heart despite the passing years. The central theme revolves around Uncle’s shock at Sega’s exit from the console market. On the fourth morning after this revelation, Takafumi greets him with a cheerful “Good morning, Uncle.”

Uncle struggles to recall what happened four days earlier when he had that nosebleed after hearing about Sega’s departure from the console business. The Spirit of Memory helps him piece together the puzzle, highlighting the significance of the Dreamcast console that Sega introduced in 2001.

Uncle’s memories seem to have been wiped out after a tragic event that transported him to a different world, including his cherished Dreamcast. He erased these memories to protect TakaFumi from harm. With his mystical control gone, Uncle introduces himself as a new person, meeting TakaFumi for the first time. He has lost the chance to acquire the Dreamcast, a vital part of his world.

(Credits: Comic Walker)

When TakaFumi shows that he doesn’t mind Uncle’s Sega expertise, Uncle admits that his personality has changed. TakaFumi suggests that Uncle can still download and play Sonic Adventure on a modern system, even though he can’t enjoy it on the original platform.

Uncle is puzzled by the concept of downloading games after all these years, but TakaFumi offers to help him get online with the console. They discuss Uncle’s lack of internet knowledge, but TakaFumi believes he can pick it up quickly. While browsing the online store, TakaFumi finds Sonic Adventure at a surprisingly low cost.

Uncle mentions that Sega began offering downloadable games in 1990, allowing players to download games via a “Mega Modum” and pay for phone downloads. He’s amazed at the convenience of buying games from home and points out that Sega released the first downloadable games in 1990. However, Uncle realizes that turning off the power erases downloaded games, forcing him to pay each time he wants to play.

He appreciates the advancements in game technology and the ability to save game progress. As TakaFumi notes, you can now save your game, showcasing the progress made in the gaming industry.

Uncle enthusiastically shares his newfound knowledge with TakaFumi, acknowledging that while Sega’s innovations have paved the way for modern gaming systems, the company has not completely left the console business.

TakaFumi questions whether playing Sega games on other platforms qualifies those systems as Sega consoles, leading to a humorous debate between the two about what truly constitutes a Sega system. Despite Uncle’s insistence that all consoles are, in a broad sense, Sega systems, TakaFumi disagrees. Their playful banter highlights their special chemistry and adds humor to the story.

So, in Chapter 50 of “Isekai Ojisan,” Uncle realizes how Sega has shaped the video game industry, and we witness the comical exchange between Uncle and TakaFumi as they debate what qualifies as a Sega gaming system. It’s a story filled with nostalgia, humor, and heartwarming moments as the characters bond over their shared love of gaming.

(Credits: Comic Walker)

Release Date & Where to Read:
Isekai Ojisan Chapter 51 is set to be released on November 11th. You can read it on the official platform where the manga is available.

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