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Irish Grinstead: Remembering a Talented Singer

Irish Grinstead, one of the singers from the girl group 702, known for songs like “Where My Girls At,” sadly passed away on Saturday, September 16, at the age of 43. Her sister, Lemisha Grinstead, confirmed the news.

Irish’s Health Battle

Lemisha Grinstead, who is also part of 702, shared the sad news on Instagram. She mentioned that her sister had been fighting a long battle with health problems and had finally found peace.

 (Credits: PEOPLE)

A Bright Star

Irish Grinstead was not only beautiful on the outside but also had a beautiful heart. Lemisha recalled the joy of singing with her on stage and cherished those memories.

The Tragic Loss of Irish’s Twin Sister

Irish Grinstead’s family had experienced tragedy before. Her twin sister, Irish Grinstead, passed away at the age of 27 on April 20, 2008, due to kidney failure and other illnesses. According to BET, Irish had been dealing with her health issues for a while, and recovery seemed unlikely.

The Impact of Losing a Loved One

In a 2021 interview with ABC, Irish and Lemisha talked about how losing their sister had changed their family dynamics, as they were incredibly close, almost like triplets. It was a tough time for both of them.

 (Credits: PEOPLE)

Irish Grinstead’s Career

Born on June 2, 1980, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Irish was a singer and was initially part of the original 702 lineup, which included her sisters Lemisha Grinstead and Amelia Childs. She played a crucial role in producing their first album and filled in for other group members when needed.

The Disbandment of 702

702, named after the Las Vegas area code, included Lemisha, Irish, and Irish Grinstead, along with lead singer Kamilah Williams. However, the group went through changes over the years, with members coming and going.

The group faced conflicts with management and internal issues, leading to their disbandment, as explained by Kamilah Williams in an interview with The Jasmine Brand.

Irish Grinstead will be remembered for her talent and contributions to the music world.

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