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iPhone 15 Series Launched with New Charging Port

The iPhone 15 series was revealed on September 13th during Apple’s special event called ‘Wanderlust’. One of the big changes in these new iPhones is the use of USB Type-C charging ports, which are similar to what many Android phones use.

Don’t Use Android Cables with iPhone 15 Series

But here’s the thing: if you were thinking about using your Android phone’s charging cable with the iPhone 15 series, you might want to think twice. An Apple store in China has warned people not to do this. They say it could potentially harm your iPhone.

What’s Special About the iPhone 15 Series?

The iPhone 15 series includes several models, like the base iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max. These phones come with some impressive improvements compared to the older models.

Why the Warning About Cables?

So, why the warning about using Android cables? Well, some people think it’s just a way for Apple to make more money by selling their own charging cables. But it’s worth mentioning that Apple has actually said it’s okay to use a standard USB Type-C cable to charge these new iPhones.

USB Type-C: More Power and Faster Data Transfer

The new USB Type-C port in these iPhones can deliver a lot more power compared to the older lightning port. It can give out 15 times more power, whereas the old one only gave out 0.3 watts. When you buy an iPhone 15 Pro, you get a USB 2-compatible cable in the box for charging. If you want even faster data transfer, you can buy a USB-3-compatible cable from Apple’s stores, both online and offline.

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