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Individualistic Love Chapter 9:

Before we talk about Chapter 9 of the manga “Individualistic Love,” let’s first understand what this manga is all about.

What’s the Manga About?

In this manga, there are special beings called Divine Bears who have incredible power. They can do big things, but sometimes they harm smaller creatures without feeling guilty. However, there’s one exceptional being, Lionel Milliard, who is different. He’s noble and has endless compassion for the world.

In the past, a kind human king named Tigris Colossus tried to create more divine creatures like Lionel. Sadly, many of them didn’t survive, and they gave up their divine nature. Now, Lionel is the only one left on Earth, and this manga tells his story.

 (Credits: Kakao Page)

Recap of Chapter 8:

In Chapter 8, Lionel Milliard asks Hana to leave his bag in town and find a room. Hana had a gold coin in her backpack, but she didn’t want to leave Lionel alone. She wanted to stay with him.

Lionel didn’t even have proper clothes to go to town with Hana, so it wasn’t realistic for him to join her. Hana felt hurt that Lionel asked her to travel with him but then wanted to leave her behind without a good reason.

Despite this, Hana still cares about Lionel and hopes he stays safe. Lionel then changes back to his human form, and Hana notices. He’s impressed by her senses.

Lionel decides it’s time to be honest with Hana. He tells her he’s both a God and a Beast and has strong desires. Is he hinting at the kind of relationship he wants with Hana?

Hana, however, can’t mate with animals, so Lionel sometimes finds it hard to control himself. To cope, he goes to the mountains for some fresh air and pretends he’s with a woman who doesn’t want a relationship.

Later, Hana falls asleep, and Lionel Milliard takes care of her and goes to have dinner. He enjoys a hearty meal.

Chapter 9 Release Date:

Now, the exciting news! Chapter 9 of “Individualistic Love” is set to be released on September 20, 2023. Get ready for the next part of Lionel Milliard’s story!

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