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India to highlight its digital transformation at G20 Summit 2023

New Delhi [India], August 30 (ANI): Apart from showcasing its rich culture, varied crafts and diverse cuisine at the G20 summit, India will also display its progress in the digital sector, a senior official said on Wednesday while noting that experience panels will be created for delegates to experience how UPI payments are made and how India has been leading in digital payments.

India is all set to shine on the world stage at the G20 Summit. Alongside its vibrant culture, traditional crafts, and delicious cuisine, India will also highlight its impressive digital transformation. Muktesh K Pardeshi, the Special Secretary for G20 Operations, shared that India has made remarkable strides in the digital realm, particularly in digital payments. To make this clear to delegates, special experience panels will be set up to demonstrate how India’s UPI payments work.

Pardeshi explained that not everyone understands how India achieved its digital payment progress. These experience panels will not only showcase UPI payments but also shed light on the development of the CoWin app and the massive Aadhar project that connected over a billion people through biometric enrollment.

He mentioned that the G20 Summit has a triple focus known as the “three Cs,” but India’s approach also emphasizes showcasing technological advancement. The plan is to create an experience zone that highlights India’s impressive achievements in digital transformation. This includes providing delegates the opportunity to personally experience UPI payments and understand the mechanics of modern digital systems.

The G20 Summit, scheduled for September 9 and 10, will be hosted in New Delhi. The catering for the event is in the capable hands of ITC, a leading hotel chain. Pardeshi stressed that both the menu planning and service experience are receiving meticulous attention. The goal is to not only offer top-notch cuisine but also an impeccable service experience. The senior official mentioned that this effort aligns with showcasing the modern and hospitable face of India to the world.

In addition to the digital focus, an exhibition named “Bharat, the Mother of Democracy” is being organized. This exhibition will illustrate the historical roots of democracy in India, emphasizing that the concept of participatory governance has deep origins on Indian soil.

Regarding logistics, Pardeshi assured that ample parking is available at New Delhi airport. He mentioned that arrangements have been made at both the Palam Technical Area and the Indira Gandhi International Airport to accommodate the logistical needs of the event. He expressed confidence in India’s organizational excellence, a skill that the country has demonstrated through its successful hosting of over 200 G20-related meetings in 60 cities since assuming the G20 presidency.

Pardeshi underlined the importance of showcasing India’s organizational skills to the world. He stated that India not only excels in promoting the G20 agenda but also demonstrates its logistical strengths and hospitality. The result has been a flawless execution of the meetings so far, with no incidents reported.

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