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I’m Not That Kind of Talent Chapter 56:

In a wild monster-hunting competition, something unexpected happened. A guy named Deon got attacked by secret killers hiding in the woods. Deon had a tricky plan. He acted like he was going to defeat some monsters, but his real goal was to get rid of a plant he’d received as a gift from the Demon King’s gardener, Hein.

Deon had tried to kill this plant many times before, but it always survived. Then, when his life was in danger, the plant saved him. It got rid of all the attackers and then vanished to avoid suspicion.

Credits: Naver Series)

Now, let’s get some background. This story is about Deon Hardt, who was part of a team trying to take down the Demon King for the Empire. He was supposed to stay back and report what happened, not interfere. But luck had other plans.

He ended up in a situation where the Demon King was facing a dying hero. With his last bit of strength, the hero tried to pass on his powers to Deon.

The hero made it look like Deon had defeated him, and he misheard Deon’s name as “Demon Arut.” That wrong name spread among demons, and they didn’t know the truth.

Deon’s situation is a bit like King from One Punch Man. Everyone thinks he’s super strong, but it’s really just luck. Because everyone believed he’d taken down the Plant Monster, they praised him. The Emperor even gave him a big prize for the monster-hunting contest. But then came a big surprise.

Emperor Eduardo Desert announced that he was stopping all wars among humans and focusing on the Demon Realm because of the Demon King threat. Deon was confused because not every human kingdom had problems with the demon realm.

Credits: Naver Series)

Later, the Emperor asked Deon to meet with him. They talked about compensating him for what happened during the monster hunting contest. Since it happened at a royal event, they’d cover his expenses along with his prize money. Then, the Emperor asked Deon to join him in his fight against the Demon King because Deon is a human too.

So, things are getting interesting, and we’ll have to wait for the next chapter to see what happens. I’m Not That Kind of Talent Chapter 56 is set to come out around October 23, 2023.

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