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I’m In Love With The Villainess’ Chapter 36″

In the last chapter, we were all shocked when we found out that Prince Yuu, who we thought was a boy, is actually a girl! Now, in Chapter 36, we’re eager to learn why Prince Yuu has been hiding her true identity.

The chapter starts with Rod suggesting a game of dodgeball. Since this story revolves around otome games, it’s no surprise that there are mini-games too. Yuu is excited about it, but Claire doesn’t know what dodgeball is.

Rod explains that dodgeball is a new game that’s become popular in the kingdom. Rei remembers playing it in elementary school.

Rei isn’t too keen on the idea because she’s worried someone might get hurt, and there aren’t enough players for teams. But Misha persuades her by tapping her on the head. Rod reveals that he spent the summer alone because of his position and wanted some company. So, Misha and Rei gather a team for dodgeball.

 (Credit: Ichijinsha)

Lilly is worried because she has work to do, and Lorek also doesn’t want to play. Rod offers them a tempting prize: a “King for a day” coupon. Everyone forgets about work and gets ready to play, except for Claire, who dislikes the idea.

Rei explains the rules, and the game begins. Rod takes the first shot but misses Pepi by a hair. Lilly is scared by Rod’s powerful throw, but Rei reassures her, mentioning that they have Claire on their team.

Rod aims for Claire, but the ball bounces off her armor. Rei catches it, claiming it was her plan all along. Claire gets mad at Rei’s tactics, but that’s typical for her. Rei passes the ball to Yuu because she’s not good at sports.

Rei’s team is angry because she gave the ball away too easily. Yuu, despite finding it cute, promises not to go easy on her.

Yuu throws the ball, hitting Lilly in the face. Lilly retaliates, knocking Yuu out. Lorek takes charge, using shape-changing magic to counter Lilly’s magic and knock her out. Pepi becomes the next target, and Rei’s team loses two members in a row.

Misha steps up and knocks out Rei, leaving only Claire and Loretta. Claire removes her armor, ready to take the lead.

To turn the 1 vs. 3 situation around, Claire teams up with Loretta, knocking out Misha and Lorek with a single strike. Rod fights back harder, using the flame troops’ magic to instantly knock out Claire and Loretta.

With no one left standing, Rod declares himself the winner, but another challenger arrives. Rod slips on some ice, allowing Yuu to knock him out. In the end, Yuu wins the “King for a day” coupon.

Release Date for Chapter 36:
Chapter 36 of “I’m In Love With The Villainess” will be available on Wednesday, October 18, 2023.

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