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I’ll Be Taking a Break for Personal Reasons Chapter 69: Release Date

Fans of the series are excited because Chapter 69 is coming soon. In this chapter, Ilshin is still fighting Hades, but now Ilshin is more serious. We want to find out what happens next and what’s in store for the future.

Recap of Chapter 68

In the last chapter, we saw Ilshin and Hades in a tough battle. Ilshin wasn’t even paying much attention to the fight because he was focused on making chicken soup. Hades was frustrated because Ilshin was defending himself with a spoon.

 (CC: Naver)

Later in the chapter, Hades realized he underestimated Ilshin. He decided to use a powerful skill called Taiji Double Blade, but some people were worried it might hurt innocent bystanders.

However, when Hades attacked, Ilshin used his spoon to counter it, turning the whole mana into petals. It seemed like Ilshin could nullify his opponent’s skill.

Spoilers and Expectations for Chapter 69

In Chapter 69, after defeating Hades, Ilshin’s master appears and wants to fight him. But Shin, Ilshin’s opponent, asks for mercy even though he knows he deserves to be punished.

Release Date

Chapter 69 of “I’ll Be Taking a Break for Personal Reasons” will be available to read on September 20, 2023. Don’t miss it!

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