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I’ll Be a Villain in This Life Chapter 27 Coming Soon

In the previous chapter, Joohyuk and his team planned to go after lawyer Han Inseok because they believed that smart people were easier to deceive. Now, readers are eager to see how Joohyuk will trick the lawyer in Chapter 27.

Meeting with a Tricky Character

Joohyuk met a guy named Conrad, who used to work for Joo Cheolsoo back in 2005. Conrad was a big-time scammer who cheated lots of people out of a ton of money, and he somehow managed to avoid getting caught. Joohyuk decided to catch him, but Conrad wanted to talk first.

Joohyuk figured out that in 2005, Conrad wasn’t working for Joo Cheolsoo yet, so he wanted to use Conrad before Joo Cheolsoo found him. Conrad claimed he hadn’t done anything wrong and was confused about why they were after him.

The Scam Revealed

Conrad said he had only given free shows to elderly folks and introduced them to herbal stuff that was good for their health. He insisted that he hadn’t done anything shady. However, Joohyuk reminded him that he had scammed those elderly people by selling them those herbs and even called them medicines.

Conrad tried to explain that it was all just a misunderstanding. He suggested they go to his office to clear things up and show them the ingredients and how it’s made.

Credits: Kakao Webtoon

Refusing to Play Along

Conrad claimed he could prove his innocence at his office, but Joohyuk refused. He believed that Conrad had an escape plan in his office, so he didn’t want to go there. Conrad then said he needed to call his lawyer, but Joohyuk said it wasn’t necessary.

Conrad reminded Joohyuk that, as a citizen, he had the right to call a lawyer. He also threatened to file a complaint against Joohyuk. Joohyuk didn’t see the need for all these legal details because he wasn’t a detective.

An Unexpected Twist

Conrad was puzzled because he thought Joohyuk and his friend were detectives. Joohyuk surprised him by revealing that he was a recruiter and wanted to bring Conrad on board for a job. He explained that he was setting up a gig and needed Conrad’s help.

Conrad accused Joohyuk of fraud, thinking he was impersonating a police officer. Joohyuk denied this and said he never claimed to be a cop. Conrad questioned how Joohyuk knew his name if he wasn’t a cop, to which Joohyuk replied that he had just heard his name somewhere.

A Deal is Struck

Joohyuk then threatened to expose Conrad’s conman identity to his wife and reveal that he lived with a fake identity in her apartment if he didn’t cooperate. Conrad had no choice but to accept the offer and agreed to work with Joohyuk to keep his scammer identity a secret.

Release Date for Chapter 27

“I’ll Be a Villain in This Life” Chapter 27 is expected to be released on Tuesday, September 19, 2023, at 08:00 PM KST.

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