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I Will Rewrite the Dead End Novel Chapter 24

In the latest chapter of “I Will Rewrite the Dead End Novel,” Lucretia is left in disbelief when the Prince drops a bombshell: her family’s mansion and belongings, along with the royal family’s wealth, now legally belong to her rival, Sabrina. The news has fans eagerly anticipating the twists in the upcoming Chapter 24.

Lucretia’s Anguish and Suspicions

Lucretia suspects her own parents may have played a role in this betrayal. Furious, she slams her fist on the table, prompting a caution from the Prince to prevent self-injury.

Rumors and the Prince’s Warning

The Prince expresses bewilderment at rumors suggesting Lucretia took her own life, hinting that Sabrina might be behind the malicious gossip. He notes changes in Lucretia’s appearance, including heterochromatic eyes and red hair due to an experimental drug.

A Revelation and a Choice

While suggesting Lucretia pursue the truth, the Prince proposes an alternative: reinvent herself and plot Sabrina’s downfall through covert revenge.

Recap and Review

The chapter unfolds with Lucretia and the Prince discussing the shocking developments. Lucretia’s family assets now belong to Sabrina, and even the royal family’s wealth is in her control.

(Credits: Kakao)

Lucretia’s Dilemma

Struggling with the betrayal, Lucretia contemplates seeking justice or opting for revenge. The Prince offers guidance but leaves Lucretia torn between trusting his counsel and navigating this unfamiliar situation on her own.

Spoilers and Expectations

Lucretia grapples with uncertainty about the Prince’s true intentions, wondering if there are hidden motives behind his actions. As she faces a choice between justice and revenge, she knows decisions must be made soon.

Release Date & Where to Read

Readers can dive into the next chapter on November 23, 2023, to discover how Lucretia navigates the aftermath of this shocking revelation.

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