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I Will Not Be The Supporting Character Forever Chapter 6 Release date

Are you eagerly waiting for I Will Not Be The Supporting Character Forever Chapter 6? Let’s dive into what’s been happening in this intriguing story.

Elena’s Unusual Journey

Elena was an ordinary person in Korea until an unexpected event changed her life. She climbed a lamppost to save a kitten, took a fall, and then found herself reincarnated inside a fantasy novel called “Empress Rosalynne.” This novel is your typical romantic fantasy story.

But here’s the twist: Elena didn’t become the main character or the rich villainess. Instead, she became a random side character with no significant role in the story and a life destined for poverty.

Elena, our main character, managed to rise from a commoner to a mid-ranked priestess, thanks to her strong healing powers. However, a clumsy mistake during a sacred ritual led to her demotion to a servant within the church.

But Elena’s story takes an interesting turn when she overhears a conversation between the head priest and Duke Levi. They discuss how the young Duke is a troublesome child, and finding a suitable teacher for him is a challenge. Elena seizes this opportunity and offers to teach him. The Duke agrees, considering her mid-ranked priestess status, and Elena’s new life close to the main characters begins!

Credits: Kakao Japan

Chapter 6 Release Date

“I Will Not Be The Supporting Character Forever” is a Korean webcomic (manhwa) written by Kim Roah and illustrated by Dudu. It falls under the Fantasy, Drama, Historical, and Romance genres.

Chapter 6 of this series is expected to be released on September 14, 2023. So, get ready to follow Elena’s journey in this captivating story!

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