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I Thought It’s a Common Possession Chapter 32: Changing Relationships

In the upcoming chapter of “I Thought It’s a Common Possession,” we will see how the relationship between the male and female lead is evolving. Initially, the male lead had some biases against the female lead, but those walls are slowly coming down as they spend more time together.

Edith’s Progress

Edith, the female lead, has been in this world for a while now, and she knows what needs to be done. She’s also building a new image for herself and gaining some new allies along the way. One of these allies is a character known as the cold bookworm, who helped her in a previous chapter.

Support from Unexpected Places

Surprisingly, the female lead’s mother is also getting involved in the story and helping out with various tasks. In this kind of story, mothers are rarely seen, so any help from them is appreciated. Lastly, the male lead is starting to see the female lead in a new light, realizing that she’s not what the world initially portrayed her to be.

Recap of Chapter 31

In Chapter 31, we saw the story from Killian’s perspective. He reflected on how he initially perceived the female lead and how that perception changed after a significant event in the story. However, he remains unaware of a crucial change that happened to her.

Credits: Naver

Shocking Discovery

Killian was shocked when he saw the female lead’s scars and bruises, signs that she had been beaten. She had kept quiet about it, and since she had fallen asleep, he decided to take care of her wounds.

Chapter 32: Taking Charge

In the upcoming Chapter 32, Killian has promised to look out for the female lead and make things right. The first step in taking care of her is involving the maid who has been serving Edith. Edith, being from the real world, is struggling to identify her enemies and people who might betray her. Killian’s newfound care for her will play a crucial role in ensuring her safety and providing her with a better home.

Release Date

You can expect “I Thought It’s a Common Possession Chapter 32” to be released on September 16, 2023.

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