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I Thought It Was a Common Possession Chapter 33 Manhwa: A Look Ahead

In this chapter, we’ll dive into Edith’s character development and unravel some mysteries in the story.

Recap of Chapter 32: Killian’s Concern for Edith

The previous chapter opened with Killian expressing his concern for Edith. He suggested that Anna should take care of her. The count even sent a carriage for Edith, surprising her.

Anna’s Shocking Discovery

Anna and Edith had a conversation, and Anna suggested Edith should undress. Anna was shocked when she saw Edith’s injuries and encouraged her to speak up for herself. Edith accepted Anna’s help and allowed her to apply ointment.

Introducing the Main Villainess

Credits: Naver

In the next part of the story, we learn about the consequences of not meeting the second stage exception condition. The main villainess of the manhwa series makes an appearance and seems pressured. This character is responsible for bringing Naenia from another world, and things are getting complicated.

Edith and Killian’s Time Together

The chapter also shows Edith and Killian enjoying their time together. Edith seems happy, but she’s seeking attention from the wrong people. Her character development is evolving as she deals with the aftermath of leaked documents and overcomes her challenges.

Elize Sinclair’s Concern

The chapter ends with a conversation between Elize Sinclair and Lord Kilian. Elize expresses her worry for Edith, who is recovering from poisoning and has had no visitors. She advises Killian to visit Edith, have tea with her, take a stroll, and have a kind conversation with her.

Release Date for Chapter 33

Chapter 33 of “I Thought It Was a Common Possession” is expected to be released on Friday, September 19, 2023, at 10:00 PM KST.

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