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I Stole The Number One Ranker’s Soul Chapter 54 Release Date

Moa Son was just an ordinary office worker from Korea. She lived in a world filled with dungeons, monsters, and powerful hunters. Her job was to help hunters and regular people get along.

Her daily work was tough because she had to be nice to many people. One day, something strange happened. When she came home from work, she got caught in a weird event and ended up in a dungeon.

(Credits: Line Webtoons)

This was a dangerous situation. Monsters were all around her, and she hid behind a rock to stay safe. She was running out of time and needed to find a way to survive.

Then, she saw some glowing herbs on the ground. They were used to make potions. Hungry and desperate, she ate one of the herbs. Something incredible happened. She became the first person in history to enter a dungeon as a normal person and gained a superpower that allowed her to find amazing treasures.

Now, Moa Son sells healing potions in the hunter marketplace.

(Credits: Line Webtoons)

“I Stole The Number One Ranker’s Soul” is a Korean Web Comic written by Eudam and drawn by Lee Jung. It’s full of action, adventure, fantasy, romance, and is aimed at Shoujo readers.

The series started in 2022 and is published by Copin. You can read it in the KakaoPage Webtoons magazine and in English on Line Webtoons. Now, let’s find out when Chapter 54 is coming out after a quick recap of Chapter 53.

Recap of Chapter 53:
Moa Son is enjoying her life, making lots of money thanks to her special skill. But other hunters are trying to discover her true identity in the marketplace.

The Release Date:
Chapter 54 of “I Stole The Number One Ranker’s Soul” is expected to be released on Saturday, September 23, 2023. Don’t miss it!

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