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I Stole the Heroine’s First Love Chapter 17

In this new chapter, things are finally looking up for our main character. Ever since she entered this world, she’s been tormented by a girl named Tatiana. Tatiana, who used to be her so-called friend, did everything she could to make our main character’s life miserable once she thought she had no more use for her.

Now, it’s time for our main character to get her revenge on Tatiana, who is a spoiled noble girl that was never taught any discipline by her parents. While this behavior might not be surprising in this world, we don’t often talk about nobility treating others like trash or toys.

(Credits: Kakao)

Tatiana is a real-life example of a noble who never faces consequences for her actions. But our main character comes from a modern and educated time, where emotions and empathy matter more. After all the personal harm Tatiana has caused her, our main character has every reason to take down this evil noble.

In the previous chapter, the focus was on a corrupt knight who was trying to win over our main character. Apart from the male lead, there haven’t been many good characters in this story. The knight was exposed for his moral corruption, but the story doesn’t delve too deeply into changing the system that allows such narcissism to thrive.

Our main character moved on from that case and went shopping in a less affluent part of town. She was surprised to find herself there, as nobles usually wouldn’t be caught dead in such a place. However, she reminded herself that she’s not a true noble and shouldn’t judge others based on their status.

In Chapter 17, our main character will make a deal with the owner of a perfume shop that was robbed by Tatiana. Even though Tatiana wasn’t in the previous chapter, the story couldn’t resist painting her as evil once again. It’s interesting how these noble worlds always seem to have the same problems: petty nobles causing drama because they have too much free time.

(Credits: Kakao)

While we’ve seen wars, betrayals, and bloodshed among nobles and kings in the past, these stories are relatively mild. The main problems here are related to social norms and the harm done to our main character.

It would be refreshing to see a story where the characters recognize these issues and decide to change for the better because they realize that what they’re doing is wrong.

Chapter 17 of “The Heroine’s First Love” is set to be released on October 6, 2023.

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