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Home » I Regressed To Level Up Instead Of Being A Simp Chapter 19: Han Lie’s Sweet Gestures

I Regressed To Level Up Instead Of Being A Simp Chapter 19: Han Lie’s Sweet Gestures

In this chapter of “I Regressed To Level Up Instead Of Being A Simp,” Han Lie surprises his friends with treats. Let’s dive into the story.

Han Lie’s Sweet Surprise
In the previous chapter, Han Lie brought dessert for his friends, including Yu Yun and others. Now, he’s back with even more surprises.

Han Lie’s Wealthy Endeavors
Readers are eager to learn how Han Lie plans to make money in Chapter 19. But before we get to that, there’s something sweet happening.

Credits: Acqq

A Special Cake for Yu Yun
Han Lie, not wanting to take advantage, brings a cake for Yu Yun to repay her for her kindness. He’s not entirely sure about her taste, so he brings a variety of cakes for her to choose from.

Sharing the Sweetness
Xi Luting and Feifei also show interest in the cake. Feifei reassures Yu Yun that no one will take her cake away.

Xi Luting’s Choice
Xi Luting seems hesitant about her cake, but Han Lie tempts her by mentioning it’s a premium cake with healthy ingredients. He even offers to take it if she doesn’t want it.

Gratefulness and Surprise
Yu Yun is thrilled, especially with the strawberry cake. Han Lie can’t believe how easy it is to please his friends. Yu Yun is touched by Han Lie’s thoughtfulness.

Expensive Treats
Han Lie reminds everyone that the dishes on the table aren’t cheap either. There’s chicken and pizza, which isn’t your everyday meal.

Feifei’s Concern
Feifei worries that Yu Yun might spend too much on Han Lie. Yu Yun, on the other hand, assures her that she can cover his expenses until he starts earning.

Financial Realities
Han Lie steps in, warning that their food expenses could bankrupt Yu Yun within a week.

Han Lie’s Solution
To prevent Yu Yun from going broke, Han Lie jokingly suggests he’ll eat Feifei’s food. Surprisingly, Feifei is fine with the idea and even offers to invite Han Lie for some delicious meals.

Rivalry and Resolution
Yu Yun is concerned that inviting Han Lie might end their rivalry. Feifei doesn’t mind, and the invitation isn’t necessary anymore.

Xi Luting’s Observations
Throughout the interactions, Xi Luting remains neutral and uninterested in the quarrel between Yu Yun and Feifei.

Chapter 19 Release Date
“I Regressed To Level Up Instead Of Being A Simp Chapter 19” is expected to be released on Sunday, September 10, 2023, at 09:00 PM China Standard Time. Don’t miss it!

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