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I Really Don’t Want To Remake Chapter 43 Release Date

The new chapter of “I Really Don’t Want To Remake” is coming soon!

Shen’s Excitement

Shen spent a whole day with Xiao Rongyu, and he’s super excited about their growing relationship. Fans of the series are also excited for the new chapter because of this.

Recap of Chapter 42

Let’s quickly revisit the last chapter to understand what’s happening in the story and what we can expect in the upcoming one. We’ll also reveal some spoilers and provide a reading guide.


Shen’s Nervous Moment

While everyone’s in the car, Shen gets nervous about something more terrifying than “Shura Purgatory.” He notices Xiao has food on her mouth and helps her clean it. This makes his heart race, and his dad notices. Shen says he’s just nervous because it’s his first time doing that.

Changing Plans

Later in the chapter, Shen asks if they can change their route to the East Gate because the traffic is too congested. He’s worried they’ll be stuck for a long time.

Heading to the East Gate

Shen suggests going to the East Gate because it’s closer to Rongyu’s dorm, and he can help with her luggage. Rongyu’s father agrees, and they change their route.

Rongyu’s Father’s Departure

When they finally reach their destination, Rongyu’s father leaves them. Rongyu asks why he’s leaving so suddenly, and he says it’s because his feet are numb from sitting too long.


A Stranger Asks for Directions

A woman in a car asks Rongyu for directions to Avenue and compliments her beauty. Shen wonders why so many people ask Rongyu for directions.

Chapter 43 Release Date

The next chapter, Chapter 43, is set to release on September 16, 2023. Don’t miss it!

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