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I Picked a Mobile From Another World Chapter 147

  • Han Lim’s Exciting Plan: Han Lim, the hero of our story, is changing how he fights the bad guys. Fans are buzzing with excitement about what’s coming next in the story, and they can’t wait for Chapter 147 to see it unfold.

A Glimpse into the Story So Far

  • Chapter 146 Recap: In the last chapter, Han Lim finds himself in the chairman’s office, pondering the complexity of human thoughts. He’s following his master’s instructions to prepare for a showdown with the villains. Plus, he’s got a clever plan to expose the chairman’s family.

A Surprising Revelation

  • Chapter 146 Recap (Cont.): As Han Lim gears up, the villain confronts him and asks who he is. Han Lim reveals that he’s the big boss of Natas and STIC investments, the CEO of a jewelry business, and an EV owner. With just those words, he knocks out all the villains with ease.

Intriguing Developments

  • SG Group’s Vice Chairman Vanishes: In this chapter, we learn that the Vice Chairman of SG Group, who was heading to China, has disappeared along with his Mercenary Unit and awakeners. SG Group is in chaos as they can’t figure out what happened.

The Chairman’s Reaction

  • The Chairman’s Response: When Han Lim informs the chairman about the situation, the chairman believes the Vice Chairman must be somehow involved. Han Lim agrees, but it turns out the Vice Chairman has vanished without a trace, and they’re trying to pin other charges on him.
Credits: Kakao

Unforgivable Actions

  • The Chairman’s Ultimatum: The chairman tells Han Lim to keep searching for the Vice Chairman because he can’t forgive him for his actions. When asked why there are no traces, it’s because the Vice Chairman is wealthy and trusts his gold mine investments.

Chapter 147 Spoilers and Expectations

  • What’s Next: Fans are eager to know what’s coming in Chapter 147. Will Han Lim find the missing Vice Chairman? What other twists await?

Mark Your Calendar!

  • Release Date: Chapter 147 of “I Picked a Mobile From Another World” is set to be released on September 13, 2023. Get ready for the adventure!

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