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I Picked A Hammer To Save The World Chapter 46: Tiny’s Big Fight to Save the World

Tiny, the young hero with a powerful hammer, is facing a tough challenge. He’s up against a strong opponent who wants to take an important artifact that could cause big trouble.

Tiny Needs Help

Tiny is not alone in this battle. He has some brave friends who are ready to risk everything to help him.

A Dark Turn in Tiny’s Adventures

Tiny has had many adventures and faced many challenges, but this one is different. He used to be a great hero, but now he’s back to being a kid. He has to start all over again in a world that has changed. He doesn’t have the same powers he once had, but he has a special hammer that could save the world.

Recap of Chapter 45

In the previous chapter, bad guys in robes went after a powerful artifact that could end the world. They easily defeated the people guarding it. Tiny and his speedy friends rush to the scene. They’re joined by a knight who believes Tiny can win this fight.

(Credits: Naver)

Chapter 46 Spoilers

Chapter 46 will focus on two big fights. One is between a black-robed mage and the two knights with Tiny. The other is between a robber and Tiny, who’s armed with his mighty hammer and a wolf steed. We’ll see how these fights unfold and how they affect each other.

The knights need to stop their enemy from going after Tiny because if he does, Tiny could lose track of the robber who has the artifact. If the bad guys get the artifact, it’s bad news for the world.

Release Date

Chapter 46 of “I Picked A Hammer To Save The World” will be released on September 15, 2023.

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