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I Eat Soft Rice In Another World Chapter 114 Coming Soon!

In this story, things are a bit different from our world. Here’s a summary:

Role Reversal: In this world, traditional gender roles are flipped. Women are expected to take care of their families and propose marriage.

Challenges for Women: It’s tough for women here. If they don’t own a car or a house, it’s hard to find a husband, and they face social shame.

Different Dating Rules: Here, men have to make the first move in love, while women pursue them.

Credits: Webnovel

Meet Zhang Hao: Our main character, Zhang Hao, wakes up in this strange world. He’s determined not to rely on women for support and wants to find his identity.

Chapter 114 Highlights: In this upcoming chapter, Zhang Hao has a strange encounter with Xiao Yuehua. She wants something unusual, and Zhang Hao refuses. This leads to a funny and intriguing conversation between them.

Mystery Unveiled: Zhang Hao meets someone at work who seems to know him, but neither of them can remember how. This mystery keeps readers curious.

Family Matters: Xiao Yuehua’s mother questions Zhang Hao about his relationship with her daughter. Zhang Hao assures her of his good intentions.

Release Date: Chapter 114 is set to be released on September 12, 2023. So, mark your calendars!

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