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“I Don’t Want to Get Married Dad!” – The Final Chapter is Coming Soon!

Max and Legis’s Argument About Jubel’s Marriage

Max and Legis argued about whether Jubel should get married in the upcoming Chapter 123 of the manhwa. It’s going to be the last chapter, and readers are excited to see what happens with Max and Jubel’s wedding plans.

Jubel’s Shocking Discovery

Jubel was shocked to find out that her father was still alive. Legis apologized to Jubel for scaring her, and he promised to never leave her again. He praised her for being strong, just like her mother.

Jubel’s Vow to Protect Her Father

Jubel promised to protect her father from Paphnil, but when a fight broke out, Legis took her to a safer place. She was crying because she couldn’t believe her father was alive.

Max’s Concern for Legis

Max joined them and asked if Legis was okay. Legis felt a bit disappointed that Max didn’t cry for him when he thought he was dead. Max explained he knew Legis wasn’t really dead, so there was no need for tears. He also said he wouldn’t lose to Legis anymore.

The Threat of Paphnil

Legis told Max that the only way to settle things was to defeat Paphnil. Paphnil didn’t want Legis and his people to have the upper hand, so he decided to find a new body.

Sealing Paphnil

Jubellian’s mother told Jubellian that the only way to seal Paphnil was when he was in a soul state. Despite warnings from Max and Legis, Jubellian decided to do it.

Chapter 122 Recap

Jubellian woke up as a baby, and Max and Legis were relieved. They almost had to fight with the goddesses in the temple because they thought something had happened to her. Max reminded Legis of the nation’s fate if Jubel had died.

The Happy Ending

Paphnil was sealed in Jubel’s mother’s necklace, and the evil dragon was imprisoned underground in a flying mansion. The emperor, who tried to control the dragon, was executed. Max became the ruler, and Jubel’s family troubles were finally over.

Chapter 123 Release Date

Chapter 123 of “I Don’t Want to Get Married, Dad!” will be released on Thursday, September 14, 2023, at 08:00 PM KST.

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