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I Become A Fool When It Comes To My Daughter Chapter 122

In this chapter, we see Lee, who is a dad, doing his best to make his daughter happy. He’s been doing this since the series began, and it’s not hard to understand why. His daughter is a sweet and innocent little girl who brings out the best in him, and he wants to give her the best life possible.

At first, the idea might have seemed a bit strange, but as the series went on, we could see how much Yeondu, his daughter, meant to him. It wasn’t just Lee who fell in love with her; the readers did too. Her innocence and the way she approached everything charmed everyone, which was something new for this type of story.

Over time, Lee, our main character, wanted to share his daughter’s cuteness with the world. He decided to show her off, and the world was captivated by her. But, we hope that as she grows up, she won’t be overwhelmed by all the attention and fame, like what sometimes happens to Disney stars.

Chapter 121 Recap: Lee’s Dad Adventure

In the previous chapter, Chapter 121, Lee spent most of his time talking to himself. He was excited about getting a driver’s license so he could be a better dad to Yeondu. He even joked about becoming a dad to his own daughter, which is a bit silly!

His excitement led him to want a new car, but getting one wasn’t as easy as it sounded. The story didn’t delve into the complications of buying a car, though. Instead, it focused on how charming Yeondu was when the time came to choose a car.

It turns out that YeonduTV, which is a YouTube channel in the manhwa, is doing well, and Lee is making money from advertisements. This money will help him give Yeondu a good life, and he’s planning to use it to buy a car. But before that, they have a little adventure involving a car called “Vroom Vroom.”

Credits: Kakao

Chapter 122 Spoilers: Lee’s Car Worries

In Chapter 122, we will see Lee worrying until his new car arrives. However, it won’t be the same “Vroom Vroom” car they rode in during the last chapter. Although Yeondu could have asked for it, she hasn’t become spoiled despite all the love and attention from her father.

This trait keeps the series interesting. If Yeondu had grown up like a typical child, she might have become spoiled because kids like her are very rare. But maybe she’s smart and doesn’t want to behave in a way that makes her feel abandoned. This series is all about being a responsible dad, after all.

Release Date for Chapter 122:

You can expect to read Chapter 122 of “I Become A Fool When It Comes To My Daughter” on September 13, 2023.

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