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I Became The Tyrant Of A Defense Game Chapter 62 Ash’s Dilemma: Elves Join the Battle

In the upcoming Chapter 62 of “I Became The Tyrant Of A Defense Game,” Ash convinces the elves to join the fight against the monsters. However, there’s a twist in their identities that he needs to uncover.

Elves in Combat
Readers are eagerly anticipating the elves’ participation in combat as Ash persuades them to help. To ensure secrecy, Ash dismisses the surrounding soldiers to prevent others from overhearing their conversation.

Godhand’s Identity
Godhand reveals her true identity to Ash: she belongs to the 8th team of the IGSI counter-intelligence corps, a group known for handling the empire’s covert operations. This revelation shocks Lucas and Evangeline, as the corps is the royal family’s secret and the emperor’s shadow.

Code Names
Ash questions the authenticity of Godhand’s name, to which she explains that members of the corps go by code names instead of real ones.

Treason Unveiled
Godhand admits her involvement in a treasonous act. Three months ago, they faced the military capital court, already sentenced. She is puzzled by Ash’s inquiries, assuming his role is solely to execute them.

Credits: Naver Webtoon

Ash’s Intentions
Ash, however, wants to persuade them to become his allies rather than executing them. He highlights that they are already condemned, so there’s no harm in answering his questions, as he has the authority to do so.

A Proposition
Ash proposes a deal to Godhand: he’ll spare them in exchange for their assistance, without endangering their kin. He believes their skills are essential in defending against the growing monster invasion.

Protecting Their Kin
Ash emphasizes that protecting their kin is crucial, as the monsters threaten their district. He is willing to take responsibility for them and requests Godhand’s cooperation to safeguard their people.

A Deal Made
Godhand explains that they made a deal with the counterintelligence corps, promising their kin a year’s supply of water and food in exchange for completing their mission and being disposed of. They don’t want to die, and if Ash can take responsibility, they are ready to serve him.

Release Date
Chapter 62 of “I Became The Tyrant Of A Defense Game” is expected to be released on Saturday, September 16, 2023, at 08:00 PM KST.

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