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I Became An Evolving Space Monster Chapter 10″

In the next chapter of the manga series “I Became An Evolving Space Monster,” we will witness a crucial conversation between two characters, Scott and Amorph. Moreover, there’s a looming threat of a monster attacking Scott.

Recap of Chapter 9:
Chapter 9 began with Amorph discussing the ship’s captain, who follows predictable daily routines and often wastes time at the bar. Amorph believes the captain is taking advantage of the crew’s salaries and suggests he should occasionally clean up the ship, which is in a dire state.

 (Credits: Webtoon)

Amorph expresses his belief that he’s helping by eliminating unnecessary personnel, but he also emphasizes the importance of cleanliness. Later, Amorph searches for an ID card and comes across a poster of a girl, though he can’t feel any attraction in his current form. He discovers the ID card he was looking for, which likely belonged to someone he had killed in the past.

Amorph realizes he can use this ID card to access various resources but decides to clean up the mess before doing so. He learns that the ID card belongs to the supply manager, who had a strong alcohol smell and appeared to be hiding something.

Amorph’s investigation leads him to a freezer containing something unexpected—eggs. He initially believes they are human remains, but it turns out they are eggs, and one is empty. This revelation sparks his curiosity, and he decides to play along with whatever game the team leader is involved in.

Amorph’s consciousness takes over after the original creature hatches, escapes, and dies from malnutrition. He discovers that his new form craves roaches as a survival instinct, leading him to question his behavior.

Towards the end of the chapter, we learn that Amorphs who hatch first consume other eggs. Unfortunately, there is no notification of this predation. Amorph reflects on his disappointing experience of gaining a useless organ after eating Kisaragi, a fellow crew member. However, he remains intrigued by the gift from the supply manager.

The chapter concludes with a shocking twist as Amorph kills Scott by imitating Cameron.

Chapter 10 Release Date:
Fans can look forward to reading Chapter 10 of “I Became An Evolving Space Monster” on September 26, 2023.

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