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I Became a Renowned Family’s Sword Prodigy'”Chapter 83

The next chapter of ‘I Became a Renowned Family’s Sword Prodigy,’ Chapter 83, is coming out soon! Fans are eagerly waiting to see what happens next. In the latest chapter, something unexpected happened that has everyone talking

Baek’s Important Task
In the latest chapter, Baek was given a very important task. He needs to help destroy the world tree, also known as the “Dark Tree.” This is a big responsibility, and no one expected Baek to be chosen for it.

Meet the Fire Spirit King Ifrit
What’s even more surprising is that the fire spirit king, Ifrit, offered Baek a new position. But Ifrit’s appearance was a shocker. Instead of looking scary, he looks like a mischievous child!

Woojin (Credits: Naver)

Ifrit’s Request
Ifrit asked Baek for a favor: to stop the birth of the Elf Queen. The Elf Queen has the power to control all the spirit kings, and if she’s born, it could lead to a lot of trouble.

Baek’s Challenge
To prove he’s up for this big task, Baek has been challenged by Ifrit. He has to land an attack on Ifrit to show his worthiness. It’s a tough challenge, and fans are excited to see how it goes.

What to Expect in Chapter 83
In Chapter 83, we can expect to see the challenge between Baek and Ifrit continue. Baek won’t hold back, and the fire spirit king will do his best to make it hard for Baek, especially since Ignis might become the next fire spirit king.

Release Date
The release date for Chapter 83 is Thursday, October 12th, 2023. Fans can’t wait to see what happens next in this exciting adventure.

So, get ready for more action and suspense in ‘I Became a Renowned Family’s Sword Prodigy’ Chapter 83!

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