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I Am The Villain Chapter 19

Once upon a time, there was a young woman named Lucy. She was a hardworking college student with good grades, a sharp mind, and wonderful friends. Lucy had big dreams and a bright future ahead of her. But one day, something extraordinary happened to her.

Lucy’s friend had written a fantasy romance novel, and Lucy found herself suddenly transported into the world of that very novel. What made things even stranger was that she had been reincarnated as the villainess of the story.

(Credits: Line Webtoon)

Lucy had read her friend’s novel and knew the plot, but she had no idea how it would end since her friend was still writing it. What worried Lucy the most was that if things continued as they were, she would end up in an unwanted marriage with the crown prince and eventually face execution after enduring humiliation.

However, Lucy was not one to give up easily. She was a modern woman with a strong will and supportive friends. She decided to use her knowledge of the plot to change her fate, starting with ending her engagement with the Crown Prince.

The next day, Lucy ventured to the Royal Palace. As she explored the enchanting sights of this fantasy world, she began to wonder if settling down with a wealthy Duke’s daughter and a loving husband might not be such a bad outcome after all.

As she arrived at the Royal Palace, Lucy couldn’t help but notice that the people in this fantasy world were exceptionally beautiful. When she met the Crown Prince, who was the male lead of the novel, his handsomeness was beyond imagination. Despite a moment of hesitation, Lucy gathered her courage and broke off the engagement, to which the Crown Prince readily agreed.

(Credits: Line Webtoon)

Relieved that she had avoided a terrible fate, Lucy decided to take a leisurely stroll through the beautiful Royal Palace and enjoy a peaceful afternoon surrounded by nature. Little did she know that her adventure was far from over, as she found herself becoming entangled with other potential male leads.

And so, we await the next chapter of Lucy’s extraordinary journey in “I Am The Villain.” In the previous chapter, Lucy’s announcement of her disengagement with the Crown Prince at a teapot party went well, but she struggled to navigate the nobles’ gossip and small talk. To her surprise, the Crown Prince suddenly began to act affectionate toward her.

Stay tuned for Chapter 19 of “I Am The Villain,” set to be released on September 21, Thursday, 2023.

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