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I Am The Lord Of The Underworld Chapter 13

Hey there! If you’re a fan of “I Am The Lord Of The Underworld,” you’re in for a treat! Chapter 13 is about to drop, and we’ve got all the details you need. But before we dive in, let’s get a quick overview of what this story is all about.

The Story So Far

Our story is set in a magical place called the Dragon Country, where a school called the Southern Magic Academy trains young magic users. The tale kicks off as the senior high school students, including our main character, prepare for a special ceremony that will determine their future.

In this world, magic and monsters are real, and students at the magic academy have a chance to choose their profession. They can become supporters, craftsmen, or learn useful life skills. But what’s even cooler is that they can become combat professionals, taking on monsters in wild places, hidden realms, and epic battles. Doing this can earn them fame and respect in the human world.

(Credits: Baozimh Comics)

Combat professionals have different levels, ranging from low-level to legendary. Legendary professions are super rare, with only a handful each year. Even more powerful and mysterious jobs are almost never seen.

Meet Chai Yu

Our story follows Chai Yu, who has been waiting for years to change his profession. But will it be as easy as he hopes? Join him on his journey to find out.

Chapter 12 Recap

(Credits: Baozimh Comics)

In the last chapter, Chai Yu and his friend Bai Guo found some valuable skill stones in Undead Valley. However, these stones were hard to come by. They came up with a plan to increase their chances. Then, they defeated a tough corrupted Hyena and gained experience points. They also got their hands on the Corrupted Pendant, which might not affect skeleton warriors but could be a game-changer against mid-level monsters.

What’s Coming in Chapter 13?

We don’t have official spoilers for Chapter 13 yet, but fans have some interesting speculations. Chai Yu might use his upgrade stones, and the Corrupted Pendant could play a significant role. But something seems off. Finding an elite corrupted creature after just hunting a few hyenas? It’s fishy, and it might spell trouble. Will Chai Yu figure it out and take action, or are we in for a disaster?

Release Date

Mark your calendars! “I Am The Lord Of The Underworld” Chapter 13 is set to release on September 24th. Get ready for more adventure and surprises in this magical world.

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