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I Am the Fated Villain Chapter 101 is coming out.

Mingkong’s Quest
Mingkong’s search for someone in the lower realm.

In the previous chapter, Mingkong explored the lower realm from the memories of humanity’s ancestors. She already knew the reincarnation’s name and was determined to find them in Chapter 101. Readers are eager to see if she succeeds.

Gu Changge’s List
Gu Changge’s list of potential scapegoats.

Gu Changge had a list of people with bad reputations that Mingkong left behind. However, Gu Changge knew Mingkong was compassionate because she only included terrible people on the list. But with the heavenly prince as the current scapegoat, the list might not even be needed.

Gu Changge’s Task
Gu Changge’s mission to find the ancestral humanity palace’s reincarnation.

Gu Changge had an important task on hand: finding the reincarnation of the ancestral humanity palace. Elder Ming provided some updates on Quihan, and Gu Changge was informed.

Credits: KuaiKan Manhua

Quihan’s Skills
Quihan’s impressive alchemy skills.

Quihan, raised as the future sect leader by the Amethyst Pill sect, had exceptional alchemy skills, which didn’t surprise Gu Changge. Elder Ming seemed concerned about something, prompting Gu Changge to encourage him to share any important information.

Xianer’s Gathering
Xianer’s interaction with clan leaders.

Xianer greeted the clan leaders at a gathering, and they remarked on her suffering. She, however, saw her past experiences as opportunities for personal growth. The clan leader blamed Gu Changge for her suffering, but Xianer believed he had learned from his mistakes.

Family Head’s Location
Discovery of the family head’s location.

Junior informed Xianer and the elders that the family head was living in the lower realm. Xianer was initially skeptical, but Junior believed the news was reliable, though its source was unknown.

Xianer’s Decision
Xianer’s determination to find her parents.

Xianer suspected that Gu Changge was behind this news and decided to gather her men and set off immediately to find her parents in the lower realm.

Chapter 101 Release Date
Chapter 101 of “I Am the Fated Villain” is expected to be released on Tuesday, September 19, 2023, at 7:00 AM EST.

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