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Hurricane Lee Approaching New England: States in Emergency

New England is getting ready for Hurricane Lee, which is coming on Friday. It will bring strong winds of around 85mph and a possible storm surge of 3 feet.

Maine and Massachusetts in Trouble

Maine has declared a state of emergency because this is the first time in 15 years that they are facing a hurricane threat. Massachusetts is also in a state of emergency. Even though Lee is now a Category 1 hurricane, it’s still expected to be a big and dangerous storm this weekend, say weather experts.

Lee’s Path

On Friday, Hurricane Lee got faster as it moved towards the coast of New England. After that, it will go into Atlantic Canada on Saturday night and Sunday.

Heavy Rain Coming

Starting from Friday night, Lee is going to bring 1-4 inches of rain to parts of eastern New England, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.

Watch Out for Storm Surge

Coastal areas need to be careful about storm surges, especially during high tide. There might be a surge of 1-3 feet from Flushing, New York, all the way to the US-Canada border, including places like Long Island Sound, Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and Boston Harbor.

Tough Times for New England

Hurricane Lee is coming to New England just after they faced heavy rain and flash flooding earlier this week. They are still trying to recover from that.

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