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How to Survive As The Devil’s Daughter Chapter 32:

“How to Survive As The Devil’s Daughter,” we’ll find out how a snake helps Eleanor. She and Theo are stuck in a strange place, and they had a scary encounter with a spider that tried to hurt them. Eleanor managed to defeat the spiders, but one of them bit her. Now, she’s poisoned, and we’re eager to see if she can find a cure in the upcoming chapter.

Release Date for Chapter 32

If you’re wondering when Chapter 32 of “How to Survive As The Devil’s Daughter” will be available, don’t worry. In this article, we’ll discuss the release date and share some hints about what might happen.

(Credits: Kakao

Recap of Chapter 31

In the previous chapter, Vihan received distressing news about Ellie, which left him upset. However, the duke tried to reassure him, explaining that the rifts have unpredictable entrances and exits, giving them hope. The duke believed there might be another way into the rift and was willing to try it, though he couldn’t guarantee success.

Theo and Eleanor found themselves in the rift, facing a dangerous man-eating spider. Eleanor courageously stepped in to protect Theo from the spider’s attack. She used a powerful six-star magic spell, surprising Theo with her abilities. However, using such magic left her feeling dizzy, as it pushed her body to its limit.

Eleanor sustained a wound while protecting Theo, and Theo worried about her well-being. She assured him she would be okay and needed to catch her breath before using healing magic. Unfortunately, the wound started affecting her due to venom from the spider bite. Eleanor had forgotten that her body wasn’t immune to venom.

(Credits: Kakao

Despite the dire situation, the rifts appeared similar to what Eleanor had encountered in the past. As if the venom weren’t enough, a yellow snake appeared, attacking Eleanor. Theo believed the snake might be seeking help because it was trapped in the rift due to a sudden shift.

What to Expect in Chapter 32

While there are no spoilers for Chapter 32, we can still speculate on what might happen. In the upcoming chapter, it’s likely we’ll see the yellow snake play a crucial role in saving Eleanor’s life by curing her poison. In return, the snake may need assistance in escaping from the rift.

Release Date for Chapter 32

You can look forward to reading Chapter 32 of “How to Survive As The Devil’s Daughter” on Sunday, October 15, 2023.

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