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How to Live as a Bootleg Healer Chapter 26 Coming Soon

In the previous chapter, Dr. Kang saved everyone with his clever thinking at the Crimson Mage Tower. Everyone was happy about their stay there, but Dr. Kang couldn’t sleep at night. He decided to take a walk outside and bumped into someone. Readers are eager to know who that person is in Chapter 26.

Dungeon Trouble

The dungeon they were in started falling apart, so Dr. Kang and Priest Sahita had to leave quickly. Mr. Rakramart and Ms. Shuire were fine, but Shuire couldn’t use her magical powers when they tried to leave. She was mentally distressed by the situation.

Dr. Kang realized Shuire couldn’t use her powers because she was upset and had forgotten his earlier plan to harm them. They had no other mage to help them out, and Shuire thought it was hopeless since they didn’t have a teleportation scroll. But she needed some time to compose herself.

Chapter 26 Release Date

Now, let’s talk about when you can read Chapter 26 of “How to Live as a Bootleg Healer” and where to find it online.

Alternative Solution

Shuire had completed a magic circle, but she couldn’t activate it due to a lack of magical energy. Dr. Kang suggested another option: Tina could create a protective barrier using her mana. Tina was better with magic than with swords.

Tina wasn’t confident in her abilities, but they were running out of time, so she decided to try. Shuire had drawn a magic circle that required multiple people to infuse it with their mana. Dr. Kang had to step in for Shuire, and together they escaped the dungeon.

Arrival at the Mage Tower

They found themselves inside the Crimson Mage Tower on the west Azel continent, where Shiure belonged. Dr. Kang realized they were in Kamar, a wealthy neighborhood. It was his first time in the mage tower.

Others from the group also arrived in the room. When they opened the door, they discovered Shiure inside. Dr. Kang found it strange how everyone reacted to her arrival. They learned that Shiure had escaped the relic dungeon.

Tensile praised Dr. Kang for his smart decisions. Dr. Kang modestly said he did what needed to be done. The others cleaned up the room and offered them a guest room for the night.

Chapter 26 Release Date

Chapter 26 of “How to Live as a Bootleg Healer” will be released on Friday, September 15, 2023, at 08:00 PM KST.

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