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How To Fight Chapter 201 Release!

The release date for the new How To Fight Chapter 201 is almost here, and there’s a lot of buzz because the police are after the Master. This is why fans of the series can’t wait for the next chapter.

Getting Ready for Chapter 201

We’re not only revealing the release date for How To Fight Chapter 201, but we’re also taking a closer look at the last chapter. This will help us understand what’s happening in the story right now and what’s coming next. Plus, we’ll spill some spoilers and give you a reading guide.

 (CC: Naver)

How To Fight Chapter 200 Recap

In the last chapter, we saw Hobin talking to the Master. Hobin asked the Master if he had gone crazy because he was fighting gangsters, and the police were looking for him. Hobin also mentioned that he should have thought about Gaeul. However, the Master calmly explained that he did everything for Gaeul.

He also showed Hobin the guy who was causing trouble and said they would use him to get to Lee Jinho. The Master told Hobin to leave things to the adults for now.

Taehun and Lee’s Conversation

In another part of the story, Taehun and Lee talked. Taehun felt they were even now and didn’t have anything more to say. But Lee was concerned about Taehun’s wounds, saying they might get infected. Taehun didn’t expect this kindness from Lee and asked if that was all.

Lee revealed that he knew Taehun wouldn’t stop until it was over, and he planned to end things himself. Meanwhile, a policeman who came to arrest them praised them as an amazing pair of adults, even though they were breaking the law.

 (CC: Naver)

When Lee asked if they were going to be arrested, the policeman said it was the protocol. But he also mentioned that they had a common goal and suggested Lee work “for” him. Lee, however, proposed working “with” him instead.

A Grateful Policeman

Later on, at the police station, the same policeman spoke to Master and Lee and admitted that he owed his life to them. He said he was ashamed as a policeman.

When Lee asked why they were there, the policeman explained that they could help find Lee Jinho’s location, which was their specialty. He assured them it wouldn’t take more than an hour, so they needed to be patient.

Release Date for How To Fight Chapter 201

Exciting news! How To Fight Chapter 201 will be available for fans to read on October 1, 2023. Get ready for some thrilling adventures in the next chapter!

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