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How To Fight Chapter 199 Manga Gets Official Release Date

Great news for fans of How To Fight manga! Chapter 199 now has an official release date and will be available soon on the official platform.

The Big Moment in Chapter 199: Hansu Seong’s Request

In Chapter 199 of How To Fight, something significant happens. Hansu Seong asks a drug dealer to find Lee Jinho. This moment is a key development in the story.

A Bullet and a Grudge: Lee Jinho’s Actions in Chapter 197

In Chapter 197, Lee Jinho shoots Taehoon, causing a lot of suffering. Because of this, Taehoon’s father holds a grudge against Jinho and seeks revenge.

Meet the Main Character: Hobin Yoo

The main character of this manga is Hobin Yoo. He learns how to fight as the story progresses, deals with bullies, and makes friends, including Taehoon.

Taehoon’s Father’s Fearless Encounter

Taehoon’s father, a tough character in the series, confronts someone who knows Lee Jinho without fear. This intense encounter sets the stage for future events.

Credits: Naver

Chapter 199 Release Date and Spoilers

If you’re eager for Chapter 199’s release, keep an eye out for it on September 16, 2023. This chapter promises more thrilling moments, including Hansu Seong’s quest for revenge against Lee Jinho for his son.

Chapter 198 Recap: Taehoon Seong and Hobin Yoo’s Conversation

In the previous chapter, Taehoon Seong and Hobin Yoo have a serious conversation with an inspector about the gangsters they encountered.

Lee Jinho’s Role and the Gang Investigation

Chapter 197 had Lee Jinho and his companions shooting at Taehoon, which led to investigations. Hobin Yoo and Taehoon Seong’s bond is highlighted as Taehoon takes a bullet for him.

Lee Jinho’s Thoughts and Disagreements

Lee Jinho and his companions reflect on the situation. Some disagreements arise regarding the best course of action, and Lee Jinho tries to find a solution.

Father-Son Conversation: The Reason Behind Hansu Seong’s Badass Nature

Chapter 198 reveals more about Taehoon Seong’s father, Hansu Seong, who is a taekwondo instructor. His son tries to convince him to stop his actions.

A Surprise Attack in Chapter 198

Taehoon Seong and Hobin Yoo find themselves suddenly attacked by a drug dealer at the location of a drug deal.

A Cliffhanger Ending in Chapter 198

Chapter 198 ends with a thrilling cliffhanger as Hansu Seong arrives with his gang, demanding Lee Jinho.

Get ready for an action-packed and exciting Chapter 199 of How To Fight coming on September 16, 2023!

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