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“Hoarding in Hell Chapter 46 – A New Start”

In the next chapter of “Hoarding in Hell,” things are about to change for our main character. He’s ready to face whatever challenges come his way. He’s been through a lot, going back in time with all his future knowledge, which made him super smart and good at making decisions.

Usually, when a character has this kind of advantage, they end up looking pretty strange when the story gets too far. But this manhwa took a different approach. It first showed us the future our main character came from and then sent him back in time. This made him more relatable and down-to-earth when dealing with his problems.

(Credits: Kakao)

Recap of Hoarding in Hell Chapter 45
In the previous chapter, we saw a mysterious man carrying a big bag filled with heavy stuff. He was in a desolate area with guards all around, and he looked pretty suspicious. The guards thought he might be up to something bad.

But, as it turns out, he was just there to deliver supplies to a team that had been inside for three weeks. The guards checked his ID and realized he was legit. They decided to let him pass because the team inside needed those supplies urgently.

As the man continued deeper into the dungeon, we discovered that there was something extraordinary inside his bag – a talking monster!

Chapter 46 Spoilers
Chapter 46 is going to be a major event that could spell disaster for humanity. In most stories, events like this only happen in religion because they involve things that confuse our understanding of the world. But not in this story, where our main character is also a time traveler.

The concept of time regression is handled well here. We’ll also get to learn more about a goblin who’s been tasked with clearing the dungeon. How all these pieces fit together with our main character is still a mystery, and it’s going to be exciting to find out. Plus, our main character gets to tell his significant other that they were right about the impending doomsday, even though she used to laugh at the idea.

Release Date
You can look forward to reading “Hoarding in Hell Chapter 46” on September 22, 2023.

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