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Hiori Takes Control of the Ball in Blue Lock Chapter 233

In this chapter of Blue Lock, we witness an exciting turn of events. Hiori, one of the players, manages to outsmart some of the best players, including Isagi and Kaiser from Bastard Munchen. He seizes control of the ball, and the real excitement in the game begins.

Hiori’s Smart Move

Hiori displays some incredible foresight in the game. While Isagi and Kaiser were trying their best to regain control of the ball, Hiori patiently waits for the perfect moment to make his move and snatch the ball away. Let’s dive into what happens next in Blue Lock Chapter 233.

(Credits: @immortalmoci on Twitter)

Hiori’s Backstory

The chapter starts by delving into Hiori’s past. We see his parents taking him to a doctor after a minor injury during a match. They were overly concerned about Hiori’s well-being, mainly because they wanted him to become the best player in the world.

Hiori’s Changing Motivation

Hiori’s reason for playing football has shifted over time. Initially, he played to make his parents happy, but now he continues for a different, less noble reason. He only plays to prevent his family from falling apart; there’s no other motivation driving him.

Words of Wisdom

In a flashback, Hiori has a conversation with his old teammate, Karasu. Karasu advises him to focus on his own desires and expectations, rather than worrying about what others think. This conversation makes Hiori rethink his perspective.

A New Motive

Hiori’s decision to join Blue Lock was primarily to escape the influence of his parents, who had imposed their expectations on him. He now finds a new sense of purpose within the program and is determined not to go back.

Present Game Situation

We return to the present game, where Isagi and Hiori are closing in on Sendou and Rachi, who are blocking their way. Sendou has no choice but to pass the ball to Barou. Isagi is eager to retrieve the ball, while Hiori takes a moment to calmly assess the situation.

Hiori’s Observations

Hiori notices that Barou has a unique quality—he can attract the attention of others towards himself. While he may come off as selfish and eccentric, Hiori believes that a top striker must possess such qualities. However, Barou lacks the ambition to become the world’s number one.

Hiori’s Revelation

Despite Barou’s shortcomings, Hiori sees something important in him—a shared aspiration for greatness. He believes that Isagi has the potential to become the world’s number one striker, and he realizes that he holds the key to unlock Isagi’s true potential.

Hiori’s Determination

Hiori knows that if Isagi misses this chance at Blue Lock, his talent might go to waste. He’s determined to be the catalyst for Isagi’s success and help him achieve greatness.

Hiroi’s Ego

In the end, Hiori has transformed into a determined individual, ready to fight for Isagi’s future. He sees himself as the key to making Isagi the king of football.

A Close Call

As the chapter progresses, we see some intense action on the field, with players maneuvering to control the ball. Isagi and Kaiser make a valiant effort to steal the ball from Lorenzo but come up short, leaving Isagi feeling frustrated.

Blue Lock Chapter 233 promises more thrilling developments in the world of football, with Hiori taking center stage and showing his determination to change the game.

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