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Heir Of Mythical Heroes Chapter 37

In the new part of Heir Of Mythical Heroes, we’ll see more of Han Jung-Min’s adventure as he tries to conquer the tower’s second floor.

Jung-Min’s Tough Challenge

Jung-Min is faced with a tough challenge on this floor. He needs to defeat two foes, Lea and Jack. To complete this floor, he must beat them. But Jung-Min has a dilemma. He doesn’t want to harm them, even if it means he’s stuck in the tower forever.

Edan’s Suspicions

Edan is starting to get suspicious of Jung-Min. He thinks that Jung-Min knows more than he’s supposed to. Jung-Min has thought about confessing, but he decided not to.

 (Credits: Kakao Page)

The Tower Mystery

Here’s some background: Towers have appeared all around the world, and monsters are coming out of them. Brave adventurers with special abilities are needed to enter these towers and conquer them. These towers are inspired by famous mythological stories like Norse and Greek mythology.

Jung-Min’s Dream

Jung-Min is a young boy who wants to become an adventurer. But there’s one problem: he’s not great at fighting. He’s good at the theory, but he doesn’t have a unique combat skill.

A Break and a Novel

He takes a break from the academy and turns down offers from a top guild because it’s not what he wants. Instead, he spends two years at home working on a novel called “Age Of Destruction.”

The Unique Skill

Jung-Min’s novel becomes so popular that towers are built based on his story. Plus, he gains a unique skill. With this skill, he can take on the abilities of any character from his novel for a short time.

The Plan Against the Demon Lord

In the last chapter, they found out that a group called the Everton Worshipers wants to use people’s souls to summon the Demon Lord. To stop this, they need to destroy the soul seeds the cult has gathered.

Dividing Responsibilities

They make a plan to split up and go to different parts of the world to find and destroy these seeds. The protector handles the North, marksmen and spearmen go to the East, and Edan takes on the South and West alone.

Edan’s Encounter with Jack and Lea

While destroying soul seeds, Edan meets Jack and Lea. They remind him of his past, and he decides to help them.

 (Credits: Kakao Page)

What Happened Next?

In the next chapter, we’ll find out more about what happened between Edan, Jack, and Lea, and why he grew to dislike them.

Upcoming Release

Heir Of Mythical Heroes Chapter 37 is expected to be released around October 21, 2023.

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