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Heeran Love Song Chapter 56 Coming Soon!

In the last chapter, something spooky happened in Soru’s dream, and she got worried about Ja Hyun. She thought something bad had happened to him, so she asked if he was hurt.

Ja Hyun didn’t understand what was going on, so he asked Soru’s maid for the details. The maid told him that Soru woke up all scared and anxious.

Credits: Naver Webtoon)

Soru, still concerned, asked Ja Hyun if he was injured. Ja Hyun assured her that he was perfectly fine and wondered why she was suddenly so worried about him. He even wondered if something had happened to her.

Soru explained that she had a bad dream, but it wasn’t the first time. This time, though, the dream was scarier. Ja Hyun asked her to describe the dream.

Release Date for Chapter 56

Soru shared that it was a really scary dream that woke her up. When she couldn’t find Ja Hyun beside her, she assumed the worst. She felt bad for causing a fuss over just a dream.

Ja Hyun was concerned that Soru was still having these nightmares. He noticed she had lost weight and heard that she hadn’t been eating well. Soru reassured him that she was eating fine and didn’t want him to worry.

Ja Hyun even offered to buy her something special if she had any cravings. Soru declined, but Ja Hyun remembered that she liked flower petal taffies and suggested buying them.

Recap of Chapter 55

Credits: Naver Webtoon)

Ja Hyun felt a bit embarrassed but told Soru he could get something else if she didn’t like it. Soru was touched that Ja Hyun remembered her small preferences and asked him to bring the flower petal taffies.

Ja Hyun left, promising to return in the evening. Soru tried to convince herself that it was just a bad dream. However, when she looked at Ja Hyun from a distance, she still sensed something strange about him.

Soru warned Ja Hyun not to leave the palace because something was wrong. She mentioned that her servants and nanny hadn’t returned safely after leaving the palace.

Not wanting to lose Ja Hyun, Soru tossed away the mysterious hair accessory Ja Hyun was wearing. Ja Hyun didn’t understand and said it was a gift from someone he trusted.

Soru explained that the accessory emitted a dark aura and suggested that someone was trying to harm him. She knew he had another woman in his life, but she didn’t mind as long as he was happy.

Mark Your Calendar!

Get ready for Chapter 56 of Heeran Love Song, coming on Wednesday, October 4, 2023. The story continues to unfold, and it’s full of surprises!

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