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Heavenly Inquisition Sword Chapter 71


▪ Jeokha saved Shim Yang Gak from Myung Hyung and his guys.

▪ Yisun was concerned about Madam Baek’s aggresive expanding startegy.

▪ Yuhwa’s marriage proposal for Mu Baek.

The Yang Clan Leader Visits Crouching Dragon Estate for Yuhwa’s Marriage Proposal

In the last chapter, the leader of the Yang Clan came to the Crouching Dragon Estate for Yuhwa’s marriage proposal. People are now curious about the fourth member of the five heroes of Luoyang, Yeon Seolju, in Chapter 71 of Heavenly Inquisition Sword.

A Talk About Returning Home

Myung Hyung and his friends told Shim Yang Gak that it was time for the Crouching Dragon Estate to go back home. They didn’t want him to leave, but Myung Hyung had no say in it. He reminded everyone that Shim Yang Gak had become a loser, and he couldn’t believe people were still talking about revenge.

Myung Hyung pointed out that the old man hadn’t fought back, even after they beat him up badly. He thought the old man had lost his martial arts skills. Myung Hyung wondered how deceptive the hidden sword could be. Shim Yang Gak, who once ruled Henan province, turned out to be like that. But they couldn’t stay still, considering him a useless parasite. Myung Hyung advised Shim Yang Gak to leave their area.

Meeting Jeokha

Jeokha came to find them soon. He offered to be their training partner because they were causing a ruckus early in the morning. Myung Hyung and his gang got scared, but they politely declined, not wanting to trouble him. They decided to leave, and Jeokha asked Shim Yang Gak if he was okay.

Shim Yang Gak said his body hurt more than expected, and he felt empty because he had no idea what others felt when he used to hurt them. Jeokha told him he should have matured earlier, and he had something to tell him.

Recap of Heavenly Inquisition Sword Chapter 70

(Credit: Kakao Page)

In the Crouching Dragon Estate, Yeon Mu Baek and Yeon Seung Baek met the leader of the Yang Clan, Yang Jin Woong. Everyone was impressed with the brothers, who lived up to their good reputation. They welcomed them inside since they were tired after a long journey. Yang Jin Woong thanked Madam Baek and assured them they could visit again. Madam Baek said she would send the marriage proposal to the Yang Clan soon. Jin Woong asked Yisun for his opinion of Yeon Mu Baek.

Yisun said Mu Baek seemed flawless, just as the rumors said. Yang Jin Woong realized that Mu Baek had earned his reputation as a rare sword prodigy at a young age and had helped the Crouching Dragon Estate become one of the top martial arts clans in Luoyang. Jin Woong thought there couldn’t be a better match for Yuhwa than Mu Baek.

Yisun expressed his concern about Madam Baek expanding their forces aggressively, causing problems for many people.

Release Date for Heavenly Inquisition Sword Chapter 71

Chapter 71 of Heavenly Inquisition Sword is expected to be released on Thursday, October 19, 2023.

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