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Heavenly Inquisition Sword chapter 66 release date- A Thrilling Manga Adventure

“Heavenly Inquisition Sword” is a super popular manga series in 2023. It started on March 26, 2023, and the main character is Yeon Jeokha, known as “The Master of the Nine Heavens.” He’s the son of his father’s second wife.

When Yeon Jeokha was young, he had a tough life. His siblings, even his father’s first wife, mistreated and bullied him. Sadly, his father passed away from an illness, and things got even worse. Yeon Jeokha was unfairly captured and locked up in a warehouse.

But here’s the cool part: that didn’t stop him. Ten years later, he escaped and learned secret martial arts that no one else knew. And from there, the exciting adventure of the red-haired hero, Yeon Jeokha, began.

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If you love martial arts, a bit of history, and fantasy, this manga is perfect for you. You can read it on the Kakao Page website.

Chapter 65 Recap: A Rainy Encounter

In Chapter 65, Yeon Jeokha and his team take shelter in a shrine because of the rain. Suddenly, they come across a gang of bandits, which startles them.

Yeon Jeokha and the bandits quickly get into a fight because they can’t get along. The bandits realize that these guys they’re fighting aren’t ordinary, especially Yeon Jeokha, who has a fierce presence.

Before the fight starts, a bandit asks for Yeon’s name, but he refuses and makes fun of them instead. This sets off the battle, with Yeon attacking them, underestimating their skills, which turns out to be a mistake.

But Shim Yang-Gak, one of Yeon’s companions, notices that the bandits’ fighting style and vibes are similar to those they encountered during the Bandit Union Tournament.

As the fight goes on, one of the bandits catches Shim Yang-Gak off-guard, but Yeon Jeokha, now angry because the bandits hurt his family, saves him. The bandits are shocked by his martial arts skills, and Yeon dives into the fight.

Chapter 66 Spoilers: The Ultimate Clash

Fans are excited to know what’s next in Chapter 66 of “Heavenly Inquisition Sword.” While not much is known yet, based on Chapter 65, we can expect the showdown between Yeon and the bandits to reach its climax. Yeon’s anger and determination to protect his family will likely play a big role in this battle.

But for now, we can only guess until Chapter 66 comes out.

Chapter 66 Release Date: Mark Your Calendar

Chapter 66 of “Heavenly Inquisition Sword” is set to be released on Friday, September 14, 2023. Don’t miss it!

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