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Heavenly Grand Archive’s Young Master Chapter 43: When’s It Coming Out?

Heavenly Grand Archive’s Young Master is a cool comic. The new Chapter 43 is about to drop! Here’s what’s happening:

Beom Hang’s Strange Adventure
Beom Hang was stuck in a stone room for a whole week! That’s longer than anyone thought. The Vice Sect Leader and Hwachung were really worried. They had no idea what he was up to in there.

 (Credit: Naver Webtoon)

The Vice Sect Leader gave Beom Hang a box of poison yang beetles. He said it would take a few days for the poison to work. If something went wrong, Beom Hang could push a red brick on the wall to get out.

Beom Hang went in and got ready. He was happy to finally have those poison beetles, but they smelled terrible.

The Poison Beetle Surprise
Beom Hang looked at the beetle closely. It looked just like a regular beetle. He cracked it open and saw the inside. Strangely, it didn’t smell bad inside. He hoped this would help him get the three evils. It didn’t taste awful, but then he realized something bad – he couldn’t smell anything anymore.

He coughed up blood but couldn’t taste it either. He had lost his senses! When he got back, Hwachung gave the beetles to Beom Hang.

Release Date
So, when’s Chapter 43 coming out? Well, we’re expecting it on Tuesday, September 19, 2023. Mark your calendar!

 (Credit: Naver Webtoon)

Beom Hang’s Mysterious Wait
Hwachung figured Beom Hang had gone in with the beetles since the Vice Sect Leader was already out. He wondered how long it would take. The Vice Sect Leader said less than an hour. Hwachung was surprised it would take that long. The Vice Sect Leader explained that the beetles stink so bad it’s hard to believe anyone could eat them.

Still Waiting
They waited for Beom Hang to come out, but he didn’t. After two hours, Hwachung was really worried. The Vice Sect Leader thought maybe Beom Hang hadn’t even taken the beetles out of the box yet, so they waited some more.

Hwachung told the Vice Sect Leader that it had been two hours already, and that’s plenty of time to worry and open the box. The Vice Sect Leader was scared Beom Hang might actually get the three evils.

So, we’ll have to wait and see what happens next in Chapter 43!

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