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Hallmark Channel’s Unique Recipe: “Checkin’ It Twice”

The Hallmark Channel is known for its special mix of good, fun, family-friendly comedies, including some cheesy rom-coms and seasonal clichéd films. But let’s step aside from what Hallmark usually does and discover how Kevin Fair created “Checkin’ It Twice” with the cast and crew.

The 2023 movie, written by Steve Beauregard, features Kim Matula, Kevin McGarry, and Brittany Mitchell. It tells the story of a strong woman, a real estate agent, who falls for an aspiring hockey player during a mishap involving credit cards when she visits her family away from the big city where she works.

Where They Filmed “Checkin’ It Twice”

Like all Hallmark Channel movies, this film didn’t have a huge budget. They shot it in just one month in March 2023 in British Columbia, Canada. You don’t need tons of money to make a fun movie, and Hallmark proves that by sticking to their formula.

A Heartwarming Christmas Story

“Checkin’ It Twice” is a heartwarming Christmas love story. It’s easy to watch, lasting one hour and twenty minutes, and you can catch it on the Hallmark Channel.

Exploring the Canadian Filming Locations

Now, let’s take a look at the beautiful Canadian locations where Kevin Fair chose to film this romantic comedy.

British Columbia is very welcoming to filmmakers. It has many cities and locations, film and theater schools, studios, facilities, and tax incentives for filmmakers. They only ask that filmmakers work with local talent, including producers, editors, cinematographers, and prop creators.

Credit: Earth Explore TV YouTube Channel)

Kelowna: A Beautiful Setting

Kelowna, a city in southern British Columbia, is where most of the movie was filmed. It’s a charming place with a rich history dating back to 1859. The film showcases many locations in Kelowna, from outdoor scenes on Lawrence Ave to indoor scenes at the Laurel Packing House for a big Christmas celebration. The characters also go on dates in famous spots like the Okanagan Wine and Orchard Museum. Kelowna offers beautiful lake views, dense forests, and it’s a haven for skiers during the winter.

Vernon: More Adventure

To add more variety to the movie, the cast and crew shot scenes in Vernon, another community in the Okanagan Valley. The hockey game scene took place at Kal Tire Place, serving as the home arena for the “Idaho Falls Flying Trouts.” Vernon has a lot to offer adventurers, including kayaking in lakes, wine orchards, spirit distilleries, mountain regions, and bike trails. It’s been a popular spot for other movies like “Recon,” “Blackway,” “No Tell Motel,” and “Endless.”

In “Checkin’ It Twice,” these beautiful Canadian locations create the backdrop for a heartwarming Christmas love story that you can enjoy on the Hallmark Channel.

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