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Grand Blue Chapter 88 Release Date

Fans of Grand Blue, get ready for the next chapter! On October 5, 2023, Chapter 88 will hit the shelves. But why are fans so eager for it? Let’s dive into the story.

Iori’s Big Crush

In the last chapter, we discovered that Iori has a huge crush on Chisa and wants to ask her out. However, he’s super nervous about how she might react. This has fans on the edge of their seats, wondering what will happen in this budding romance.

Chisa Gets Awkward

When Chisa figures out Iori’s intentions, she gets a bit embarrassed and starts avoiding him. She makes excuses like having things to do, having a class, and even feeling sleepy. It’s all pretty awkward, to say the least.

PeekaBoo Dilemma

Later, when Chisa and Iori are together at PeekaBoo, he contemplates asking her out. But he’s worried she might run away again. He even thinks that just asking her for tea might make her really mad.

Water Skiing Adventures

Meanwhile, Shinji Tokita drops a bombshell – they’re going water skiing today. It’s an odd choice for November, but Shinji explains that there won’t be many divers because the water is chilly in autumn. However, with wet suits, it’s all good.

Chisa’s Nervousness

Chisa, not a fan of water skiing, jokes about ending up in the water before getting on the board. This sparks a bit of competition, with Ijin suggesting they earn points for their performances to see who’s better.

Competitive Spirit

Iori takes the first shot, but it’s a spectacular failure. The girl, however, gets 3 points for her spirit. Kohei is up next and vows to show Chisa the difference in their skills but ends up with an even lower score than Iori.

So, mark your calendars for October 5, 2023, because that’s when Chapter 88 of Grand Blue hits the shelves! Don’t miss out on the excitement and drama in this next installment.

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